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Centurion Technologies, LLC


CENTURION TECHNOLOGIES mission is to deliver high quality, innovative products to advance the performance of our customers’ reservoir. In accomplishing this mission, we will be diligent in the pursuit of safety perfection, operational excellence, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our core values – resilience, integrity, trust, and excellence – will be the pillars upon which we operate every day.


CENTURION TECHNOLOGIES goal is to be the leading chemical supplier to the oil and gas industry in North America. Our team has extensive experience in Product Development, Operations, and Completion Services. We are committed to bringing innovation to the industry, such as Nano-Technology, to create products that are superior in quality, reliable and field proven. Our team will always provide support and leadership to create a culture meant to impact the industry through publications of this new groundbreaking technology and operational best practices. This will harbor an environment for the industry’s best and brightest to prosper while helping provide our customers with best in class service.


As technology advanced to allow for hydraulic fracturing of U.S. shale, the price of oil boomed to over $100/bbl. Completion efficiencies weren’t a priority as low quality products were being developed and costs began spiraling out of control to satisfy the speed at which each operator was trying to complete the next well. The industry was hit hard as oil dropped below $30/bbl, and this sparked a renewed mandate to cut completion costs and a new focus to optimize completion efficiency. CENTURION TECHNOLOGIES has risen to the challenge of this industry wide mandate and lead the field in providing High Quality Products while reducing wasteful spending in an effort to advance your reservoirs performance.