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CenSHIELD Technology is comprised of combinatorial chemistry consisting of filming amines, quaternary ammonium compounds, hydrogen sulfide scavenger, and oxygen scavenger. It is a multifunctional additive that shields your downhole tools or casing by operating as a corrosion inhibitor, bactericide, hydrogen sulfide scavenger, and oxygen scavenger. CenSHIELD is designed for use in coiled tubing fluids, workover fluids, packer fluids and completions fluids. CenSHIELD performs as a corrosion inhibitor by preferentially adsorbing a thin molecular film on all metal surfaces, thereby stifling the corrosion process.

Initial preventative Treatment is recommended to begin with batch loading of ½ gallon per 10 bbl.  During drill outs as the last 5,000 ft are reached, it is recommended to begin treating the water again at ½ gal/10 bbl, or increase the loading as needed if the presence of H2S is significant.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a poisonous gas that is deadly at high concentrations and poses serious health threats at moderate concentrations. Operating problems caused by H2S can include severe corrosion and fouling, and injection-well plugging with iron sulfides. Because of its obnoxious characteristics, it is necessary to remove it during processing, before the end use.  CenSHIELD can be used in low dosage rates to remove this production risk.  Typically, 1 gallon of CenSHIELD can neutralize H2S in concentrations up to 132 ppm per 1,000 gallons.

Individual Well Protection Products

Biocide Products – Centurion Technology offers a variety of registered and un registered Biocides.  Biocides are meant to kill or inhibit troublesome oilfield bacteria.  Bacteria can result in harmful sulfides being produced which is turn lead to a well troubled by Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

H2S Scavengers – Centurion Technology Specializes in Triazene H2S Scavengers.  H2S provides safety and economical concerns.  H2S gas can be lethal in small concentrations, and extremely corrosive to tools and downhole pipe.  Centurion Technology offers Triazene H2S Scavengers at 20%, 30%, and 60% active concentrations.

Scale/Corrosion Inhibitors – Centurion Technology offers both Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors separately or in combo packages.  Both provide significant risks to tools downhole, and it is imperative to control these issues before they become production risks. Combining these technologies into 1 sweep reduces the chemical footprint and cost, while protecting your investment.


All fluid additives are available in 5 gallon pails, 330 gallon totes, and in bulk loads

*Bulk orders require advance notice to ensure high quality delivery

Chemical Trailers

Centurion Technology offers Chemical Trailers for the customers that require less chemical, and the flexibility to have it ready on site.  These trailers can be quickly prepped and delivered to your site.

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