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CenXan Drilling Fluids

Rotary-Drilling & Coiled-Tubing  


Centurion Technology is a manufacturer of Xanthan drilling fluids that can be customized to meet any challenging environment, and is formulated with all American made products.  CenXan is an easy mixing biopolymer used to control drilling fluid rheology. CenXan is designed to enhance gel strength of drilling fluids for improved suspension and transport of drill cuttings, gravel, and cobble in long horizontal laterals or ultra-deep vertical wells. CenXan is completely compatible with freshwater or high brine production water, great thermal stability, and will quickly hydrate for efficient completion operations.

CenXan is a field proven proprietary blend with success stories in the South Texas, West Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado.  Customer reports show great thermal stability without the need of a thermal stabilizer.  Our Xanthan drilling fluids helped operators reduce chemical costs, and increase drilling efficiency with mill-outs of 100+ plugs in a well with over 25,000 ft TMD.

  • Viscosity building drilling fluid
  • Viscosity building sweep additive
  • Viscosity building base for hydraulic fracturing fluids
Benefits and Advantages
  • Highly customizable concentrate to meet any density requirements
  • Highly compatible with fresh water or high brine fluids
  • Great thermal stability
  • Proprietary suspension formulation with friction reducing properties
  • High quality suspension package for a long shelf life
  • 100% American made bio-polymer additive

CenXan is available in 5 gallon pails, 330 gallon totes, and in bulk loads

*Bulk orders require advance notice to ensure high quality delivery

Please contact us to hear more about how Centurion Technology can help Advance your wells Performance.